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Window protection apllied in the ERNST workshop

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ERNST made the 400 aluminum frames assembled, glazed and fitted with air-tight membranes, in the workshop. It was chosen to protect the assembly assembled in the workshop with OMNIGUARD 110 np, for the phases of transport, installation and waiting for reception.

Omniguard forms a flexible film which protects the panes of glass against pollution during construction: traces of cement / mortar when interior masonry is finished, plaster projections but also 100% protection against sparks or sand projections.

The ideal solution consisted of a suction cup installation with a crane and a pose with a frame surrounding the chassis for fixing from the outside. Two teams of 2 fitters installed on their nacelle provided installation from the outside, including the air-tightness membrane; without any intervention from inside. The superior properties of OMNIGUARD have enabled the use of suction cups on the protective film placed in the factory. Spectacular.

Until the end of the works and acceptance, all the chassis remained clean with their interior and exterior protections.

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CHASSIS ERNST (Les) Sprl entreprises

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