Hevadex bvba was founded in 2009 by Herman Van Damme and today has 21 employees.

Shortly after, Ing. Roland Vaes and Karel De Ridder became shareholders.

  • Herman Van Damme is the CEO and also leads the international sale of Hevadex products.
  • Karel De Ridder leads the sister company Hevadex Applications bvba, which mainly offers subcontracting for air and watertight work, as well as temporary protection.
  • Roland Vaes leads the development of new products and systems, production and the quality control department.


Hevadex bvba moved in November 2018 to a renovated industrial property in Lokeren (Spinnerslaan 6) (Belgium).

Sister firm Hevadex Applications is since also based in Lokeren, and also has a second branch in Aarschot.

ISO 9001/2015:

Both our companies are certified by BUREAU VERITAS.


  • Based on a strong competence in R&D, production and a large network in construction and industry, Hevadex develops and manufactures coatings to increase the efficiency and quality of construction jobsites and industrial environments.
  • Hevadex excels in continuous efforts to improve her product range by close contact with her clients as well as the experience of her sister company Hevadex Applications that offers supply and installation with Hevadex products in Belgium.
  • All our products are largely tested both internally as by external recognized testing institutes such as BBRI, BBA, University of Ghent, Exova,...


hevadex lokeren
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